Defective Industrial Products

Defective industrial products are not mere abstract risks; they are tangible dangers that profoundly impact real lives. These items, ranging from heavy machinery to essential tools in manufacturing and construction, carry the potential for catastrophic failures. When such failures occur, the consequences are deeply personal and devastating.

When workers, often the primary breadwinners for their families, suffer serious injuries or lose their lives, families are left to grapple not only with profound grief but also with unanswered questions about what happened and why. It is in this context that experienced legal guidance becomes vital. These cases offer a critical avenue for families to seek answers, justice, and compensation, addressing the deep personal impact of industrial accidents.

Uncovering the Truth for Families After Industrial Accidents

Litigating against manufacturers in industrial product cases involves navigating a complex landscape, unique to manufacturing and construction equipment. These cases often present intricate technical details and require a deep understanding of industry standards. Watts Law Firm LLP approaches these challenges with a methodical strategy, leveraging their extensive experience in industrial operations and legal expertise. The firm’s approach is rooted in  thorough investigation, meticulous preparation, and a steadfast commitment to advocating for their clients’ rights and securing the appropriate justice for the harm suffered.

One representative case, successfully led to verdict by Mikal Watts and his team, involved a client who suffered burns over 57% of his body due to a pipeline explosion. After a three-week trial, a jury awarded approximately $19.9 million to the client and two other plaintiffs. This case exemplifies the firm’s proficiency in handling complex litigation involving manufacturing and construction equipment, demonstrating their commitment to achieving justice for those severely impacted by industrial accidents.

Seeking Answers and Accountability in Industrial Injury Cases

Families of victims in industrial accidents often face a distressing lack of information about the incident. Employers may withhold details of what happened, and manufacturers will almost always avoid admitting liability, frequently even placing blame on the victim. This is where the role of a skilled legal team becomes crucial. Lawyers at Watts Law Firm LLP not only advocate for clients’ rights in court but also employ investigative tools to uncover the truth. With the power of subpoenas, depositions, and court-enforced discovery, they diligently work to piece together what happened and identify who is responsible, bringing much-needed clarity and justice to the affected families.

Bringing cases in industrial accidents requires substantial resources for thorough investigation. At Watts Law Firm LLP, we are fully equipped with a robust staff and comprehensive resources to take on even the most formidable opponents. Representing victims with a team of serious trial attorneys, known for their determination to take cases to a full verdict, offers a significant advantage. This level of representation, backed by a firm with the capacity for deep investigative work, places considerable power in the hands of our clients, ensuring they have the strongest possible advocacy in their corner.

Dedicated to Workers and Families After an Industrial Injury

Mikal Watts and Watts Law Firm LLP’s extensive experience in handling industrial accident cases offers our clients a significant advantage. Our commitment to workplace safety and justice, coupled with our robust resources and investigative capabilities, positions us as a powerful ally. If you or a loved one has been affected by an industrial accident, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team is ready to offer the necessary legal support, advocacy, and guidance to navigate these complex cases and seek the justice you deserve.

Mikal Watts

Written on behalf of Mikal Watts, and reviewed by Watts Law Firm LLP

Mikal C. Watts is Board-Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a Martindale-Hubbel AV Rated Lawyer.