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McBride Fire Lawsuit

A tragic wildfire erupted in Ruidoso, NM. More than 6,000 acres and over 200 homes were destroyed. Two people were killed.
Wild Fire

McBride Fire Ravages Ruidoso, NM

What Happened?

The cause of the massive fire was a neglected tree that collapsed on power lines, igniting the parched surroundings and decimating everything in its path.

Who Are We After?

PNM didn’t take the necessary measures to make sure the excessively tall tree near their line was clear and wouldn’t fall on the line, sparking the fire.

Why Do We Fight?

Lives were lost, along with homes and property, ultimately because of corporate greed.

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If you had losses due to the McBride Fire, we will fight to get you the most recovery possible.

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$ 3.5 B+

Settlement for California Wildfire Victims *

“*settlement amount is reflective of the total amount Watts Law Firm´s clients were awarded in determinations by the Fire Victim Trust.

$ 19 M+

Settlement for Archie Creek Wildfire Victims

$ 144 M+

Verdict for Pharmaceutical Defect Victims

McBride Fire FAQs

You don’t pay us any fees up front. You will never pay us anything unless we win a recovery on your behalf.
Experiencing damage to your property or enduring a nuisance can lead to valid claims for the emotional upset it inflicts. This remains valid even if you weren't present at the location during the incident. Historical fire litigations shed light on the potential claims against utility companies in events like the McBride Fire.
In instances where trees are harmed or lost due to a fire, insurance policies often cap the amount of reimbursement for each tree. But it's important to note that you can take legal action against those liable for the fire to recover the actual value of the trees, not just the stipulated insurance amount. 
Regardless of your insurance status, many find that their coverage doesn't fully account for all the damages, especially those that are irreplaceable. You might experience various types of losses:
  • Fire or smoke damage to businesses
  • Business disruptions or customer loss due to fires
  • Home damages
  • Renters' damages
  • Property damage
  • Job or income loss
  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death
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Daniel Steele
Wildfire Victim
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