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Texas Panhandle Wildfire Lawsuit

Texas based Watts Law Firm represents victims in the Texas Panhandle Wildfire lawsuit, targeting the gross negligence in utility maintenance that led to unprecedented destruction. If you’ve suffered losses, see if Watts can help you.
Wild Fire

Wildfires Ravage Texas

What Happened?

Due to a failure in utility infrastructure maintenance, a neglected wooden pole snapped in high winds near Stinnett, Texas, sparking the Texas Panhandle wildfires on February 26, 2024. Call (806) 376-8903 to see if you qualify for a lawsuit.

Who Are We After?

We are pursuing legal action against XCEL Energy Services, Southwestern Public Service Company, and Osmose Utility Services, Inc. for their roles in the negligent inspection, maintenance, and oversight of utility infrastructure that led to the catastrophic Texas Panhandle wildfires.

Why Do We Fight?

Our legal actions aim to secure justice for the victims of these fires, holding utility companies accountable for the widespread devastation, loss of life, and destruction of homes and communities they have recurrently caused.

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$ 3.5 B+

Settlement for California Wildfire Victims *

“*settlement amount is reflective of the total amount Watts’s clients were awarded in determinations by the Fire Victim Trust.

$ 19 M+

Settlement for Archie Creek Wildfire Victims

$ 144 M+

Verdict for Pharmaceutical Defect Victims

Texas Panhandle Wildfire FAQs

If you have suffered damages as a result of this fire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team, guided by nationally-renowned fire litigator Mikal Watts, has represented nearly 20,000 individuals affected by wildfires linked to utility company negligence over the past decade. We invite you to share your story with us so we can help you understand your legal options and whether you have a claim to pursue.
The disaster has profoundly impacted residents, as well as real estate and business owners, across Hemphill County, Roberts County, and the town of Canadian, Texas. Affected individuals have faced significant losses, including the destruction of personal belongings, irreplaceable items, and extensive damage to both personal and real property. Victims have also endured the loss of use of their properties, costly repairs to damaged structures, and the irrevocable loss of natural vegetation. The breadth of these damages extends well beyond the tangible, affecting every facet of the victims' lives and livelihoods, prompting the pursuit of comprehensive compensatory damages for both present and anticipated future losses as permitted by law.
Contingency fees mean clients pay nothing up front as the attorney's compensation is contingent on winning the case, and the fee is a percentage of the awarded compensation. This arrangement allows clients to access legal representation without bearing initial financial burdens.

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