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Hair Relaxers Lawsuit

The chemicals in hair relaxers may be causing cancer in Women Of Color. Unite with Watts in our fight to get justice for those harmed.
Hair Relaxer

Chemical Hair Relaxers Cause Cancer

What Happened?

Studies show hair relaxers, used for decades by women of color, may contain hazardous chemicals with potential endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic properties. 

Who Are We After?

Manufacturers cited include L’Oreal; Revlon; TCB Naturals and others.

Why Do We Fight?

These products were marketed as safe, however; the rate of uterine cancer was nearly three times greater among women who frequently used hair relaxer chemicals.

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If you’re a user of hair relaxers and have suffered cancer or other unexplained diseases, contact us.

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Hair Relaxer FAQs

You don’t pay us any fees up front. You will never pay us anything unless we win a recovery on your behalf.
The frequent use of hair relaxers has been shown to elevate the risk of developing estrogen-dependent cancers. Specific cancers that have been linked to these products include endometrial, ovarian, and uterine cancers.
Women, especially those who have used hair relaxers four times a year or more, and have been diagnosed with uterine cancer attributed to these products, can file lawsuits that may be consolidated in our mass tort litigation. Cases centered on hair relaxer-induced uterine cancer are prioritized, however, other types of diseases and cancer may also be included. Speak to our team who can answer your questions and give you information about our lawsuits.
While establishing causation between a product and health issues can be complex, it's primarily the responsibility of the attorneys to prove liability. As a potential plaintiff, your main role is to provide detailed information about your personal experiences and medical history. 

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