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PFAs Contamination in Fairfield, Maine

PFAs, or Forever Chemicals, have found their way into nearly all aspects of our lives and the impact is being felt all across the country.

PFAs are ruining lives in Fairfield, Maine

What Happened?

The water supply in Fairfield has been severely compromised. This is ruining lives and decimating residential and commercial property values.

Who Are We After?

PFAs are utilized broadly across many industries, notable companies like 3M and DuPont have come under particular scrutiny for their production and use of these chemicals.

Why Do We Fight?

There are numerous health risks associated with PFAs exposure, including cancer, liver ailments, fertility issues, thyroid imbalances, and increased asthma risks.

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If your health or property values have suffered due to PFAs contamination, we can help you.

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PFAs, or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, are a group of human-made chemicals used in many everyday products to make them resistant to water, stains, or heat. They're dubbed "forever chemicals" because they don't break down easily in the environment or the human body.
There are a number of categories of common household items, including but not limited to:  Non-stick Cookware; Water-Resistant Clothing; Stain-resistant Fabrics and Carpets; Cosmetics; Food Packaging; Cleaning Products; Paints and Stains. Also, Firefighting Foam, AFFF, has been a significant source of PFAs contamination.
PFAs, often referred to as "forever chemicals" due to their persistent nature in both the environment and human body, have been linked to a range of health concerns. When PFAs contaminate water supplies or food sources, they can accumulate in the human body over time, further heightening the potential health risks. Some diseases and illnesses that may be linked to PFA exposure include but are not limited to: 
  1. Kidney cancer
  2. Testicular cancer
  3. High cholesterol
  4. Liver disease or increased liver enzymes
  5. Thyroid disease and other endocrine disruption
  6. Decreased vaccine response in children
  7. Low birth weight in newborns
  8. Fertility issues and disruptions in natural human reproductive hormones
  9. Developmental effects in infants and children, such as lowered IQ
  10. Elevated blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women
  11. Asthma
  12. Immune system suppression
  13. Potential links to obesity and diabetes
Individuals who believe they've been exposed to PFAs and have experienced health complications or diseases as a result may be eligible. Additionally, property owners who suspect that their property's value has declined due to PFAs contamination in the water supply or environment could also qualify. If you fall into any of these categories or believe you've been adversely affected by PFAs, you need to talk to our team here at Watts| to explore your potential legal rights.
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