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McKinney Fire Lawsuit

A massive fire in the Klamath National Forest burned over 60,000 acres, destroyed 185 structures, and led to the tragic loss of four lives.
Wild Fire

McKinney Fire Ravages California

What Happened?

The fire started beneath a Pacific Power powerline shortly after a power outage. Pacific Power decided to re-energize the line without delving into the outage’s cause, despite reports of a 60-foot tall Ponderosa pine dangerously leaning into the powerline.

Who Are We After?

Pacific Power, a unit of PacifiCorp demonstrated neglect in upkeeping their infrastructure of power lines and vegetation, leading to devastating consequences.

Why Do We Fight?

The McKinney Fire underscores the pressing need for more stringent oversight and responsibility within the utility domain.

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If you suffered losses in the McKinney Fire, let us fight to get you the recovery you deserve. 

Watts Law Firm Wildfire Case Wins

We have a proven track record of success and unwavering commitment to seeking the maximum compensation for our clients.

$ 3.5 B+

Settlement for California Wildfire Victims *

“*settlement amount is reflective of the total amount Watts Law Firm’s clients were awarded in determinations by the Fire Victim Trust.

$ 19 M+

Settlement for Archie Creek Wildfire Victims

$ 144 M+

Verdict for Pharmaceutical Defect Victims

McKinney Fire FAQs

You don’t pay us any fees up front. You will never pay us anything unless we win a recovery on your behalf.
Understanding the pain and stress of losing valuable possessions, we aim to assist you in the process of documentation. While there's no strict guideline, the clearer your documentation, the better we can represent your losses. Although it is difficult, documenting these damages is a crucial step in obtaining the full amount of compensation you and your family deserves. We're here to guide and support you every step of the way. The more informed we are, the better we can fight for your rightful compensation.
We've represented over 18,000 wildfire survivors, helping them claim losses ranging from homes, rental properties, personal possessions, to timber lands, businesses, and more. Beyond tangible losses, many clients also claim non-economic damages, such as emotional distress and smoke inhalation. With our extensive experience, we've encountered a vast array of loss scenarios. If your loss seems unique or unclear, reach out to us.
Renowned nationwide, Watts Law Firm LLP champions some of the most significant mass torts, ranging from wildfires to product liability and pharmaceutical cases. Our strength lies in championing the cause of large groups wronged by a singular entity. Our track record speaks for itself. Our representation of over 18,000 wildfire victims, and our experience is unparalleled. Mikal C. Watts played a pivotal role as a lead counsel in the landmark $13.5 billion settlement for the victims of 26 California wildfires spanning 2015-2019, caused by America's largest utility, PG&E.
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“We can stand up, see eye to eye, and talk…They’ve been very good to us."

Daniel Steele
Wildfire Victim
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