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A Norfolk Southern train jumped its tracks in the night in East Palestine, Ohio, spewing dangerous chemicals into the air and the water.
Toxic Spill

Norfolk Southern Train Derailment Causes Toxic Spill in East Palestine, Ohio

What Happened?

The spill of  toxic chemicals included vinyl chloride, a potent carcinogen with devastating effects on both the nervous system and various organs. The derailment killed animals in the area and severely sickened numerous residents. 

Who Are We After?

Norfolk Southern, the operator of the derailed train, seems to have  a history of cutting corners and neglecting safety for the sake of profits. 

Why Do We Fight?

Norfolk Southern, had reported 3,397 events classified as derailments over the past two decades. This equates to a derailment happening roughly every three days.

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East Palestine Justice FAQs

You don’t pay us any fees up front. You will never pay us anything unless we win a recovery on your behalf.
Mass tort litigation, including our Ohio train derailment lawsuit, is where individuals group together to prove liability, or responsibility, for the disaster. Then, once the defendant is held to be liable by the court, every client is able to recover their own damages based on their individual, unique situation. Our mass tort law firm has the power to hold those responsible accountable; we then advocate for our clients on an individual basis to prove the specific damages that apply to each person.
Symptoms can vary depending on the chemicals you were exposed to, as well as your individual health. Go to the emergency room or see a doctor as soon as possible if you or your family has any of these types of symptoms:
  1. Respiratory symptoms: These can include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness..
  2. Neurological symptoms: These might involve headaches, dizziness, confusion, seizures, and a loss of consciousness.
  3. Gastrointestinal symptoms: These may encompass nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.
  4. Skin and eye irritation: Contact with or exposure to certain chemicals can cause redness, burning, blistering of the skin, and eye irritation or damage.
  5. Other physical symptoms: Depending on the nature of the exposure, there may be systemic symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, fever, irregular heartbeat, and changes in blood pressure.
The Ohio Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern, seeking a number of civil remedies for the disaster, including reimbursement for emergency responders, clean up, waterway pollution and other expenses paid by the state of Ohio and its resulting damages. This is an important case, but it will not reimburse residents of East Palestine who were displaced and have become ill due to the derailment.
Get yourself and your family screened by doctors and note to the doctors that you may have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Have follow up appointments on a regular basis, and closely monitor how small children are feeling. Reach out to our team at Watts LLC to determine your eligibility to join our group of East Palestine residents in the Ohio train derailment lawsuit as soon as you can.
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