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$7B+ WON
$7B+ WON

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Texas Panhandle Wildfire

Watts Law Firm is already helping victims of the Texas Panhandle Fires. We will use our extensive wildfire litigation experience to get all victims the compensation they deserve.

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Our Powerful Track Record


Powerful track record
200 k+

Number of People Helped Across the U.S.

$ 3.5 B+

Settlement for California Wildfire Victims *

*settlement amount is reflective of the total amount Watts’s clients were awarded in determinations by the Fire Victim Trust.

$ 19 M+

Settlement for Archie Creek Wildfire Victims

$ 144 M+

Verdict for Pharmaceutical Defect Victims

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Mass Torts

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Texas Panhandle Wildfire

We are here to get all victims of the Texas Panhandle Wildfire the compensation they deserve.

Maui Fire

The Maui fires caused extensive damage and left many facing devastating losses. If you’ve suffered major losses, we can help.

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

The contaminated water at Camp Lejeune caused cancer and other health problems. See how we can help you.

Hair Relaxers

Chemical hair relaxer products marketed as safe for Black women are causing uterine cancer and other diseases. Read our lawsuit.

East Palestine, OH Train

In East Palestine, Ohio, a Norfolk Southern train derailed, sending toxic chemicals into the air and water. If you’ve suffered, learn how we’re fighting back.

APAP - Tylenol

Taking Tylenol during pregnancy may be linked to autism. If you took acetaminophen (APAP) and your child was diagnosed with ASD, explore your options.

PFAs Contamination in Maine

The water supply in Fairfield, MN has been compromised due to so-called “Forever Chemicals”. If you’ve been harmed because of this contamination, explore your options.

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If you’ve suffered injuries due to unsafe property conditions, let us hold owners accountable and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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If you’ve been injured on a construction site, our legal assistance can help you navigate challenges, ensuring fair compensation for your injuries.

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It brings peace knowing we might be able to help others…It’s a hard battle.

Karleen Degroodt

"They really had our backs. They really wanted to help us"

Julie Rae Oliver
Wildfire Victim

"Not one other lawyer asked me to take them to the base [except Mikal Watts]"

Jerry Ensminger
Power of Compassion in Fire Cases

“We can stand up, see eye to eye, and talk…They’ve been very good to us."

Daniel Steele
Wildfire Victim
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