Automotive Defects

The impact of automotive defects can be profound, often leading to catastrophic injuries and fatalities, altering entire families’ lives permanently. Facing off against the automotive industry, a sector known for its vast resources and reluctance to acknowledge liability, is a formidable challenge. At Watts Law Firm LLP, under the leadership of litigator Mikal C. Watts, we are dedicated to confronting these challenges head-on. 

If you or a loved one has an automotive defect claim, it’s imperative to hire an attorney who has successfully brought major cases against these types of defendants. We offer a combination of trial experience and litigation support, making sure your case is thoroughly investigated and the responsible parties are held accountable. 

In the particularized field of automotive defect litigation, Mikal Watts of Watts Law Firm LLP stands as an influential and experienced advocate against some of the largest names in the industry. His track record is highlighted by his significant role in litigations against Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. and Ford Motor Company, among many others. These cases marked a turning point in product liability law in the United States, achieving not only substantial financial settlements but also enforcing critical changes in corporate accountability and safety practices. 

Prioritizing Compensation While Enforcing Safety Standards

At Watts Law Firm LLP, our paramount objective is securing maximum compensation for our clients affected by automotive defects. We recognize that while no legal outcome can entirely reverse the impact of such incidents, our unwavering dedication ensures that every aspect of the claim is meticulously addressed, striving for the fullest compensation allowed by law. 

Beyond the pursuit of financial recompense, our clients often find a sense of purpose in their legal journey. Their cases serve not just as personal victories but also as catalysts for change, preventing future tragedies. By challenging the automotive industry through litigation, we contribute to the establishment of higher safety standards, ensuring that the experiences of our clients lead to safer outcomes for others, and turn their individual stories into powerful instruments of industry-wide transformation.

The Critical Role of Trial Experience in Auto Defect Cases

In the complex field of catastrophic injury cases, the role of a skilled trial attorney cannot be overstated, and Mikal C. Watts exemplifies this caliber of legal gravitas. Insurance companies are acutely aware of who in this field are seasoned trial lawyers with well-resourced personal injury law firms. Mikal’s reputation as a serious, battle-tested attorney precedes him in the legal community, ensuring that clients represented by Watts Law Firm LLP are taken with utmost seriousness by adversaries in automotive defects litigation.

Watts Law Firm LLP stands as a staunch ally in your quest for justice in cases of automotive defects. If you require a law firm that combines deep legal acumen with a proven track record of significant verdicts and settlements against automotive giants, we encourage you to reach out to us for a consultation. Our team is ready to guide and empower you through this challenging process.

Mikal Watts

Written on behalf of Mikal Watts, and reviewed by Watts Law Firm LLP

Mikal C. Watts is Board-Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is a Martindale-Hubbel AV Rated Lawyer.